What we do

E.A.S.E. (Empowering Action & Social Esteem) Ltd aims to inspire, empower, enable and support personal and community development through the skills, talent and diversity within estate communities.

We are a community development organisation that provides access to information, activities, training, support services to individuals and groups of people living on estates in Ealing. 

We believe that, in order to provide an effective and sustainable response to the needs of the community, we need to meet the needs of individuals and how they effect change in the environment in which they live. 

This involves a wide range of services that are embedded with the following ethos

Empowerment:  Equality: Common sense: Participation:         Enterprise

We believe that we cannot work with one group within the community in isolation. Therefore there are various projects that have been developed in response to the needs highlighted by our service users, volunteers and other stakeholders.  Our main activity is running Copley Close Children’s Centre – for which our services are well used.  Our Children's Centre offers all families a range of services, information and support in their local community.

Information and Support - Practical Help, Information, Guidance and Support to residents such as form filling, third party reporting, internet, photocopying, fax and letter writing support. Support in making complaints, finding services, signposting and general information.

Family Outreach Support – One-to-one Support for vulnerable parents ensuring access to health, childcare, education and other support services. We have developed a Parent Champion system that allows parents who have benefited from the services to promote our services. This engages people in a progression route where they can access vocational training and look develop their skills.

Adult Education - ESOL, IT, Literacy and Numeracy, Personal Development, Parenting, Health Promotion. This also includes UK Online Learning which, in particular, attracts older learners and will enable us to develop specific services for older residents in the future.

Work Club - provide unemployed (and employed) people with a place to meet, exchange skills, share experiences, find opportunities, make contacts and get support to help them in their return to work. Our Work Club reflects the needs of our community.  We currently work with 5 partners who can also provide training, education and employment support to our Clients.

Online Learning – with the welfare reform, this has meant that most services that our clients will use are online.  Many of our Community do not have access to computers.  This service teaches people how to use the internet, set up emails and use the internet safely.  This is particularly popular with the elderly.

Youth Clubs - Two Generic Youth Work sessions on Copley Close for 13-19 year olds. Young people are involved with developing their own projects and contributing to the ongoing delivery and development of their club

Stay and Plays – Access to fun and stimulating activities for parents/carers and their small children.  Each session is planned around community need ie. If dental hygiene data shows that there is poor dental hygiene we will cover that, the same with obesity and all other social issues our community face.

Holiday Schemes - Activities and trips that encourage self development for 8-16 year olds on both estates. 
Partnership working with Ealing Youth Offending Service- providing constructive reparation projects for young people in the community

Sewing Group – Once a week provides a platform for decreasing isolation and improves skills with the view to families being able to make  items and keep costs down such as clothing or household items.

Legal Appointments – Free appointments with Legal Services to assist with housing, family, immigration, benefits advice and so on.  With the current climate one of change this service is paramount to our clients.

Lets Get Cooking – offers practical cooking lessons, worksheets, handouts and support in ensuring the community have the tools to cook healthy food on a budget.

Advocacy Support – Support, guidance and advocacy with social care/LA for families who have social care involvement or children who are looked after by the Local Authority.  The aim is to support families to be (if possible) reunited with their children.  If this is not the case we support families to prevent their children becoming looked after.
Access to Opportunity Project – Local primary schools identify children going to a local High School that may find the transition into year 7 difficult.  There are two mentors who see these young people in High School weekly.  There is also a family support worker to work through any issues the family of the students may be facing.

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